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The solution for translate and digitize your menu.

QrCode that translates, explain, and illustrate your menu !

Try it for free for 30 days commitment free !

The advantages of our solution

Menu digitalisé via QrCode

Finally a faithful translation of your menu !

Translating your menu in over 20 languages has never been that easy !

Our database is made for restaurants business and is validated by certified professional translators.

logiciel menu restaurant

Boost your sales and your revenue !

Don't we eat first
with our eyes ?"

Highlight your dishes with beautiful pictures to catch new clients and increase your side sales
(desserts, cocktails, digestive ...)

Your customers no longer wait for the menu, it available anytime on their devices by scanning your QrCode.

logiciel menu restaurant
Scann Qrcode traduction menu

Change your menu as you want in 1 click !

Updating your restaurant menu is so easy !
(add/delete dishes, picture, slogan,
fonts, colors, logo ...)

Do it simply from any devices !

logiciel menu restaurant

Your menu updated on all your social media !

Use the link on any mean of communication (Website, Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Yelp, SMS, Mail, WhatsApp Telegram, Signal ...)
and handle any change from your WhatisEAT account.

"Perfect for delivery/pickup order, your link never changes, your menu does !"

logiciel menu restaurant
logiciel menu restaurant

Optimize your services without changing your organization

The WhatisEAT dynamic menu is detailed : prices, pictures, allergens, ingredients ...
your customers are informed no matter their languages !

Increase your efficiency and quality and keep a good relationship with your customers.

Note : you can also suggest food / wine pairings from your digital menu.

How does it work ...

  • Create your menu online
  • or send it to us by email*
  • * our team will take care of everything, for any subscription to the ASSISTANCE pack
  • Receive your QrCode
  • and stick it anywhere you like.
  • (printed menu, tables, business cards, etc.)
  • click on image below to see an example
  • It's done !
  • Your detailed menu is online
  • and available in more than 20 languages
  • with any devices
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Over than 3 millions unique visitors show a WhatisEAT menu !

menu list accessible via qrcode

The quick and easy QrCode menu approved by restaurant owners

photo M Poligani

Christophe Poligani

WhatisEAT allows our menu to be dynamic, flexible, illustrated, shareable and translated into multiple languages ... What else !?

Gustu - La Rotonde Stalingrad – Paris 19ème

photo M garcia

Philippe Garcia

WhatisEAT is very popular, especially the multilingual aspect of the menu, to the delight of our foreign customers.

Le Libertea – : NICE

photo avatar

Priscilla Barville

We tested WhatisEAT in spring 2019 on our Beaugrenelle site before duplicating the solution for all of the group's restaurants.

Groupe DS Café

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I keep my menu ?

    Absolutely! You are free to use the QR Code as the main menu or as an additional support for the translation of your restaurant menu.

  • How do I change my menu or add a dish of the day ?

    Nothing's easier ! You can add and delete your dishes and categories directly through your account. Your digital menu will be updated and translated instantly.

  • How do I share my menu with my customers ?

    You just have to share the internet link (URL) of your digital menu on all your networks (Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Google MyBusiness ...) Example : You can also share this link by sms, email, WhatsApp, Signal, Snapchat, Telegram ...

  • How does the translation work ?

    When a customer flashes the QR Code, WhatisEAT automatically detects the language of the phone. The menu is displayed directly in the language of your customers. Your menu is translated instantly thanks to our database specially designed for restaurants. If a language is not available, the menu will be displayed in English by default.
    39 languages are currently supported by the platform
    Ask to be contacted by an advisor.

  • How much does it cost ?

    While it is one of the most complete QR Code menu solutions, WhatisEAT is also one of the cheapest on the market.
    Find all our prices here .

  • Is it possible to add / delete photos ?

    You can add, delete or modify your photos at any time via your account. Photos are not required but they are a real bonus for your business. Our team can advise you on the matter.

  • What is your engagement policy ?

    Our success depends on your satisfaction, not on your unavailability on the anniversary date. You are perfectly free to unsubscribe at any time and without any particular administrative procedure.

  • Is it possible to manage several restaurants ?

    Yes, you can manage as many restaurants as you want from the same user account. If you have several restaurants or if you are a web agency for example, you can centralize the management of “WhatisEAT” menus for your customers.

  • How far can I customize my menu ?

    WhatisEAT is a digital menu, so you won't have as much freedom as with a blank page. However, many elements can be configured (logo, profile photo, font and writing color, slogan, links to your social networks, etc.) Your digital menu will necessarily reflect your image!

    Watch our demo menu

  • Do you have a customer service ?

    We are here to help you getting started on our platform. You can request assistance by email, via our chat or directly by phone. Our team can also manage the setup and updating of your menu for you if you do not wish to do it yourself. Contact a team member for more information.

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