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About us

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Guided by a vision

The idea of WhatisEAT took shape thanks to the simple observation of a common problem faced by all companies in the tourism sector: establishments whose essential information is accessible in the respective languages of their customers have a real advantage in the experience they offer to them.

Mission driven

It's why we chose to develop an online digital tool allowing CHR establishments to benefit from a powerful multilingual communication tool. Its daily use thus provides significant simplicity in their exchanges with their customers, as well as more fluidity.

Passionate co-founders


It's from these four personalities with very complementary professional backgrounds that WhatisEAT was born. Olivier, Jean-Baptiste, Sylvain and Nicolas co-founded WhatisEAT in their image and that of the vision they wanted to build, in order to innovate in a sector to which each held a piece of the puzzle. Made up of technical development, administrative management, marketing strategy and commercial development, add a real passion and you will get the recipe for WhatisEAT!

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