Guide your clients with the digital information notebook.

More than a welcome support, your digital information notebook is ideal for guiding your clients' tourist experience throughout their stay: add nearby activities and restaurants, hikes and other points of interest.


A multilingual QR Code to welcome your guests

Hotels, seasonal rentals, Airbnb… Benefit from the digital information notebook so that your clients have all the information they need during their stay. Communicate the reception hours, breakfast, and room-service and all your leisure facilities, allowing them to fully enjoy their experience in your establishment.

Customizable and modifiable at will

With your backend, keep control of your QR Code menu and manage the content of your menu from any digital platform, by connecting to your user space via the website. Fonts, colors, images, logos… Customize your menu as you wish. In addition, you can add, modify or remove menu items in a simple and intuitive way: your customers will thank you and keep an unforgettable memory of your caring welcome!

Inn WhatiseEAT Licence

989,00 € Per year

  • Personnal backend
  • Downloadable QRCode (png, jpg, eps)
  • Tranlstaion in more than 20 languages
  • Printing and sending your QrCodes
  • Customers Helpdesk 24/7

Turnkey service

By Quote
according to your needs

  • Personalizing your Inn notebook
  • Entering and customization of your notebook
  • Mock-up of your QR Code media
  • Training your teams
  • Customers Helpdesk 24/7
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