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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely ! You can use the QR Code as your main menu or as an additional support for the translation of your restaurant menu.

It's very simple! You can add and delete your dishes and categories directly from your account. Your digital menu will be updated and translated instantly.

All you have to do is share the web link (URL) of Your digital menu across all your networks (Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Google MyBusiness...)
Example :
You can also share this link via SMS, email, WhatsApp, Signal, Snapchat, Telegram...

When a customer scann the QR Code, WhatisEAT automatically detects the phone's language. The menu is displayed directly in the language of your customers. Customers. Translating your map is instantaneous thanks to Our specially designed database for restaurant owners. If a language is not available, the menu will be displayed in English by default.
More than 20 languages are currently managed by the platform
Be contacted by a consultant.

You can at any time via your personal space Add, remove, or edit your photos. Photos are not mandatory but they show A real plus for your business. Our Team can advise you on this.

Your satisfaction, not your success, is our success. Unavailability on the anniversary date. You are perfectly free to opt out at any time and without any administrative steps Particular.

Yes, you have the option to manage as much locations you want from the same account user. If you own more than one restaurant or if you If you are a web agency, for example, you can centralize the management of the "WhatisEAT" menus to your customers.

WhatisEAT is a digital menu that can be modified at will, Many elements can be configured (logo, photo of profile, font and color, slogan, links to your social networks, etc...) Make your digital menu your own image !
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We are here to help you to get started of our platform. You can request assistance by email or directly by phone. Our team can also manage the implementation and update your menu if you don't want to do it yourself. Contact an Advisor for more information.

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